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unit tests not run for a tryserver mobile push


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It seems like the unit tests should've been run in this push: However, they do not seem to have been.
Whiteboard: [tryserver]
Summary: unit tests not run on mobile → unit tests not run for a tryserver mobile push
We have only enabled a subset of talos suites for Tegra on Try so far.
Things are looking green enough that it might be time to enable the rest, and hide the columns that aren't behaving yet.
Rather than hiding them and having every person who triggers them with a -a or a -p all -u all go around asking why they have six failures on test suites they can't even see, can we make them only run when absolutely directly requested? It would be a huge help to have browser-chrome running, and so much the better if you don't have to remember &noignore=1, but having it email every single person who pushes saying "haHa, your push broke tests, but you're not going to be able to see them" is a lot less handy than having it only run for people who do -u mobile-browser-chrome while not including mobile-browser-chrome in the set of all.
Comment 2 sounds like a dup of bug 649402.
However, making trychooser mandatory doesn't run anything that isn't enabled.

Duping comment 2 to bug 649402; keeping this bug open to enable the rest of the tests on Try.
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These are now running.
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(In reply to comment #6)
> These are now running.

Is this just the tegra tests or all of the unit tests?
Are you asking about N900 tests?
Those should already be running, assuming you built Maemo5 GTK.
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