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veirtical spacing issues between sections

tweak spacing of sections in advanced search query form. The areas are marked in red in the screen shot.   two issues:

1. reduce vertical space after each section heading. 

Sections in version 4's query form consumes significant additional vertical space because each section has it's own heading and adds spacing between sections. But the spacing between headings seems to me unnecessary because the headings themselves are sufficient to separate the sections.  This is because the headings stand out visually for 3 reasons: each is in larger font, has an arrow widget for (un)collapsing the section, and is fully left justified, with the section contents being indented within the section.

2. add vertical space "Sort results by" and "Custom Search"

The area starting at "Sort results by" isn't in it's own section. It therefore lacks a heading to make that part of the form visually stand out, plus there is no spacing between it and "Custom Search" which precedes it.  (this section also seems not completely organized, but that's a different bug)
This is something that would require pyrzak's input.
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