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Bixi site causing browser content interactivity issues in Fennec


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Device: Nexus One
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This site in particular is causing a bunch of browser interactivity issues in Fennec, in particular: panning becomes locked thus preventing access to the awesome bar, access to tabs is denied as the attempt to view the tabs bounces back to the center of the page.

2. Tap the search field, 'What is your current location' directly in the middle of the page.
3. Dismiss the keyboard and then attempt to pan around the site

AR: Site repositions back to the search bar after each user interaction
ER: Browser content interactivity remains intact
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So it seems that the form assistant is still enabled and is not dismissed when the virtual keyboard is dismissed as well. Thus it's preventing any other pans while it remains up. Pressing the back button again dismisses the form assistant and allows for free roaming on the site as expected.

This behavior seems greatly unexpected and would expect this to be a bug.

Vivien, what do you think?
Vivien - I am tracking this for FF6 just until we figure out if the site is causing a bad bug.
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This is happening because the code to reposition the view depending on the position of the caret do not know anything about the keyboard opened state.

I need bug 651116 to fix that properly.
Depends on: 651116
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Since I'm less and less confident than a way to know if the platform is opened from the content side will make it for ff6, let's do a simple hack to get this information by assuming that if the browser is resize with a new height smaller than the previous one it means a VKB is opened (if the width has not changed, to prevent having fake results because of orientation changes)
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Oups, I've forgot to qrefresh before!
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This isn't too bad.
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Thanks, main issue is gone.

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