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TrampolineCompiler::generateForceReturn should emit a call to ScriptDebugEpilogue


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The comment says:

 * This is shamelessly copied from emitReturn, but with several changes:
 * - There was always at least one inline call.
 * - We don't know if there is a call object, so we always check.
 * - We don't know where we came from, so we don't know frame depth or PC.
 * - There is no stub buffer.

emitReturn emits a call to stubs::ScriptDebugEpilogue in debug mode.

The trampoline generated by generateForceReturn can only be called in debug mode, so it should unconditionally emit a call to ScriptDebugEpilogue.

This patch applies on top of
revision 37b0503c5603.

Please take a look. I have no reason to believe this patch is safe. In particular I'm casting to void* without knowing anything about the types and calling conventions. (Also, ScriptDebugEpilogue can execute arbitrary JS code, due to debugging hooks; but if emitReturn does it I think it's probably safe to do it here too.)
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Yeah, this is safe, the calling convention for fallible vm calls is fastcall (VMFrame &), the return value can be anything and there can be one additional parameter. The VMFrame is passed implicitly.
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Closed: 8 years ago
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