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CSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty shouldn't require the third parameter to be set


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Not set





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I wrote a user script that uses the method setProperty on a CSSStyleDeclaration object, but only with the first two parameters, leaving the third out.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Install this script in Greasemonkey
2. Navigate to or in your browser

Actual Results:  
No searchform as expected appeared and the error console said "Not enough arguments [nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration.setProperty]", referring to line 19, where setProperty is used.

Expected Results:  
It should have given the style the default priority and added "float:right" as style, and then (obviously) added the form to the DOM.

Please note that the script works just fine in Google Chrome, where it smoothly adds the search form, without even bothering about the missing third parameter in the console.
Chrome treats all parameters to all DOM methods as optional, whether the spec says to do that or not.

In DOM 2 CSS (which is what we implement), the third parameter is required.

In the proposed CSSOM, the third parameter is optional, but that proposal is in very early stages and I'm not sure we want to be implementing it yet.

data:text/html,<!doctype html>
<script>"width", "5px")

In mozilla-central, this throws.  In IE10 Developer Preview, Chrome 18 dev, and Opera Next 12.00 alpha, it succeeds.  This is useful behavior, I think.
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For testing, I just changed one of the existing setProperty()s in test_priority_preservation.html to omit the third argument, leaving the others intact.
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Patch v1

You actually don't need to change the IID, because the C++ side is completely binary-compatible.

r=me with that removed
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