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[css3-text] Support the spread radius in text-shadow


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In the css3-text spec, the value for text-shadow has been changed to be exactly the same as box-shadow. This means that a fourth numerical value should be supported to allow for a spread radius. E.g.:

   text-shadow:0 0 0 1px black;

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Our graphics code is capable of doing this already, so it's really primarily a style system change that's needed here (and it's largely independent of the text code).

That said, this proposed addition is not yet in CR and should therefore not yet be implemented unprefixed (as opposed to the rest of text-shadow, which is in CSS 2.0).
Component: Layout: Text → Style System (CSS)
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Summary: Support the spread radius in text-shadow → [css3-text] Support the spread radius in text-shadow
Whiteboard: [waiting for css3-text to reach CR]
Does that mean we need to implement -moz-text-shadow which is just like text-shadow except accepts a spread parameter?
Duplicate of this bug: 644732
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