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core JavaScript functions should be exposed in Jetpack module scope somehow


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some window-scope functions are not available, such as btoa and atob. we should audit these "web scope" functions to see what else is missing.

currently you can work around it by using chrome privs to get access to XUL window via XPCOM, or you can write a content-script (eg: round-trip the data to an open tab or whatever).

both options are pretty bad.
According to the note on , btoa and atob are accessible to JS XPCOM components without a window reference.

Doesn't work out of the box in the SDK, though. :(
It would be useful to figure out whether this bug is specifically about btoa/atob or all such functions, and if the latter, exactly which such functions are encompassed by "all".  (Either way, this is important, so P1.)
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I filed bug 675141 so that work can proceed on exposing btoa() and atob(), without having to wait for the discussion of what else should be added.
Marking anything that potentially looks like a feature request as "enhancement", sorry for the bugspam. :)
Severity: normal → enhancement
Being replaced by the Hug the Web Feature page. File individual bugs for specific things to expose.
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