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Data in bottom area needs better colours


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Hi, I'm red/green colour blind and the darkslategray colour used in the data
area of ChatZilla is difficult for me to read. I think it should be changed to
white or the user be given an option, thanks -mike
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Which is the `data area'?

The log pane should use the user's default colors as set in the `Colors' panel 
of the prefs dialog. The list pane should use the normal platform styling for 
tree controls. And the comment pane should use the normal platform styling for 
a text entry control.
mpt: I'm sure the "bottom area" referred to is what chatzilla calls the status bar.

Keyser: this really isn't accessibility, it's just me making a poor color
choice.  ChatZilla is it's own project, and there is no reason for aaron to have
to hack chatzilla css files.

mhearn: for now, you can edit userChrome.css in the chrome subdirectory of your
profile.  Add something like:

.status-data {
    color: white !important;

If the file doesn't already exist, just create a new one.  You can also change
the colors of the output frame by modifying your userContent.css file in the
same subdirectory.  See the files <> and
for examples of what can be changed.

I'll make a more resonable default sooner or later.
Assignee: aaronl → rginda
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