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Update cctbpl in order to track the rapid-release-train.


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In order for us all to properly track the rapid-release-train we'll need our tbpl to be updated.
This can be deployed independantly of the repos actually being setup, but it will cause tbpl errors should someone try to load it like that, so it is best to wait.

And I took the liberty of guessing what you'll name your buildbot branches for this once you're ready to go there.
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Add Sea* and Thunder* for rapid release to tbpl

This looks just fine, but I suggest we just wait for landing the relevant bits until we've got things running - like you say, we'll break people heading to those trees.

No point in landing it yet either, because we're likely to pull in more updates from the core tbpl which would then conflict with us being able to update tbpl on the server.
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Checked in the Thunderbird-Aurora part of this:

(it'll go live in a bit).
Mark you pushed the -aurora TB part, and the SeaMonkey part, do we want to keep open to track TB-Beta, or can we resolve?

Assigning to you for remaining triage.
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Landed the Thunderbird-Beta change:

I'll get the live version updated once we've started producing builds there.
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