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MSVC miscompiles nptest.dll with optimization but no PGO


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Windows 7
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I noticed this when I got a perma orange on try:
REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///c:/talos-slave/test/build/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/bugs/632423-1.html | This test left crash dumps behind, but we weren't expecting it to!
REFTEST TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | file:///c:/talos-slave/test/build/reftest/tests/layout/reftests/bugs/632423-1.html | image comparison (==)

What I had been doing was to disable PGO on my try build to avoid waiting too long for the build.

Then, I reproduced locally, and under the debugger, the failure wouldn't make much sense. So I tried rebuilding nptest.dll only with "MOZ_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS=" ; it started working. So I tried again rebuilding nptest.dll with PGO, and it worked too.

So it only fails when building with optimization but without PGO, which is the setup most developers would be using locally...

I guess we could add MODULE_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS= somewhere in modules/plugin/test/testplugin/
How did you determine that this is a compiler bug rather than an undefined-behavior bug in the source code?
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> How did you determine that this is a compiler bug rather than an
> undefined-behavior bug in the source code?

It crashes on nptest.cpp:775, which reads:
  scriptableObject->drawColor = parseHexColor(argv[i], strlen(argv[i]));

It crashes with a completely broken value of argv.

When entering the loop at nptest.cpp:769, all values of argn, argc, and argv are good. The only args that'd match in the loop for 632423-1.html would be drawmode, and color.

That's either a compiler bug or something screwing up the stack badly. The latter would be very likely to screw things up on mac and linux as well, but obviously don't.

I haven't looked at the assembly, though.
Let's go this way. If someone feels like we need to spend time understanding what is actually going on for the sake of a test plugin, they can clone this bug.
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Build nptest.dll without optimization on windows

This doesn't work, for obvious reasons, actually.
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This one works
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Build nptest.dll without optimization on windows

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::: dom/plugins/test/testplugin/
@@ +98,5 @@
>  RESFILE   = nptest.res
>  DEFFILE   = $(win_srcdir)/nptest.def
>  OS_LIBS  += $(call EXPAND_LIBNAME,msimg32)
> +
> +# Windows optim builds without PGO break nptest.dll

"opt" or "optimized"
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