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Create l10n-mozilla-5.0.ini


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For the split 5.0 repos for mobile, we'll need an l10n.ini.

Probably best to do this after the actual beta split, with the attached patch.

Is there a bug on the mobile beta branch process that this should block?
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wrong central repo name, fix that.

I didn't see a tracking bug for Fennec 5 beta 2
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found the tracking bug (bug 657534)
Blocks: 657534
Is there a reason this isn't going into mozilla-beta ?
We're going to be pushing from mozilla-beta regularly, and ignoring any changes in mozilla-mobile-5.0, so that would seem to be the correct solution.
I was hoping to not have to spoil -beta with this, but Aki's rationale seems to win in my eyes.

LegNeato, would you OK this to land on beta, to be killed as part of the next aurora-beta lift in 7 weeks?
I think monitoring mozilla-beta would be ok, and wouldn't need to be overwritten later.

I can't absolutely guarantee nothing will be checked directly into mozilla-mobile-5.0 and mobile-5.0, but for the most part we're going to be pushing from mozilla-beta -> those 2 repos, so if strings are signed off against mozilla-beta, they're signed off correctly.

That will require a new patch, but won't need to be reverted later.
Yeah, I think it makes sense to land on mozilla-beta as well...less risk of blowing it away accidentally.
Aki, are you saying that the l10n dashboard shouldn't bother following mobile-5.0 at all, and just pretend that we'd be using mozilla-beta as repo?

That'd work for me, just clarifying. And we'd need the mobile folks to buy in.
(In reply to comment #8)

> That'd work for me, just clarifying. And we'd need the mobile folks to buy
> in.

Mobile folks buy in. mozilla-beta is our one-true repo :)
OK, I'll change my plans for today accordingly then.

Marking this INVALID.
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