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Create comm-aurora, and comm-beta setups for buildbot.


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Buildbot should run comm-aurora and comm-beta "on checkin" builds, Will disable nightlies at first on these branches.
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I'd like you're input on this.

Note I know I did not put any mozconfigs here, I know I need to create/symlink/something these, but I want to think on the --enable-update-channel a bit while more rested.
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Do it

>+BRANCHES['comm-aurora']['l10n_platforms'] = ['linux','win32','macosx','macosx64']

We might not want macosx in there any more.

>+BRANCHES['comm-aurora']['tinderbox_tree'] = 'SeaMonkey-Aurora'
>+BRANCHES['comm-aurora']['packaged_unittest_tinderbox_tree'] = 'SeaMonkey-Aurora'

You'll need to care that this one (and the beta one) are actually being created on tinderbox, the admin UI has that feature, so you're able to do it.

From what I can see, the patch looks good, let's hope it works well!
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Just pushed this to seamonkey-production, and made it live. [did not push to default, as I have to check on some other |default| pushes and other priorities have taken hold. I'll merge this down when I get to it, hopefully soon]

Nightlies are currently disabled, so the update-channel mess doesn't matter much yet...

I created mozconfigs as simply hg cp of the comm-central-trunk configs for now.
Had to disable l10n in configs for buildbot to configure right, since I didn't have nightlies, I didn't have l10nNightlies and things failed the sanity checks.

Rather than hunt for which config vars I needed to disable I just turned off l10n for now. I plan to do followup bugs for that.

I triggered (manually) comm-beta builds, so those should trickle in, as hourlies soon.
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