GCLI command parameters could use more advanced validation. Experiment.



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Sometimes parameters need specific validation which can't be performed by the type system.

$ example --verbose --quiet

Another example could be resource names which are un-enumerable, and yet validatable.

If would be nice if we could add custom validation to be performed by the command line before the command is invoked for real.
The given example "--verbose --quiet" isn't great because we might be able to do better with "--output [verbose|quiet|default]" or similar.

This observation does not invalidate this bug however - there are times when more complex validation is needed.

The observation does point out that there are times when we can alter the command syntax to provide the same results without needing to write extra code.
See bug 683513
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One more case where validation would be required:

screenshot command has 2 options 'chrome' and 'selector'

chrome enables chrome screenshot capturing rather than content; And selector lets us choose a node via its unique selector (#id.class)

when you do simply 

>> screenshot --selector h1.img

it takes screnshot of the image that is h1

but when you try to do the following:

>> screenshot --chrome --selector h1.img

the context of the selector should now be switched to chrome, so that I could do this:

>> screenshot --chrome --selector #webConsole

where #webConsole is a XUL element.

but right now what happens is that 'selector' option still tries to find the node in content context and there is no way to get the selector to match a chrome/XUL node.
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