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Add quit fennec into the browser


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There are a number of users that ask for an exit button in Fennec:

We have a super cool extension that does it, but I think it poses a general enough use case (i.e. people want to close apps that take up a lot of memory and cpu without having to go to the task manager) to add into the browser.
Also please note that running Beta, Nightly and the Aurora build may lead to the OOM issues.
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This patch adds a "Quit" item to the app menu.  It's the last item in the menu, so it appears in the overflow ("More") section of the menu.  If there are multiple tabs open, Fennec will prompt before closing them by default (just as it does when you close the window on Maemo).

I've been against this for a while since it *shouldn't* be necessary on Android, but I think there are enough use cases to justify it, and it is a very simple change both to the UI and the code.

In particular, this helps with the issue where people never see the home page because there's no way to get out of the previous session (except to wait until the system kills the browser and then wait at least 60 minutes past that).
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Fix a typo in the previous patch.
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Duplicate of this bug: 657898
I'm still not a big fan of this, both from a "shouldn't be necessary" perspective (like the one Matt mentioned) and a general UI minimalism perspective. On the one hand, we have a menu now where it can sit, mostly unnoticed and out of the way; on the other hand, this is how massive obscure menus start.
Meant to close that last comment with "still thinking about this."
All programs that have the potential to use excessive memory have a quit/exit feature. The general assumption here is that people are using one or two tabs at a time and that all pages are coded efficiently. Not to mention that with this, we can actually start to introduce proper session management. UI minimalism should never take precedent over usability, not to mention that this can be buried successfully under the more menu of App Menu thus negating worries of UI minimalism.
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patch v2

window.close() will end up calling Browser.closing() so this looks good.

Let's move on to hammer out the UI details
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OK. I'm philosophically against this, but, in practical terms, I don't object. The real goal would be to reduce memory usage, but that's a longer-term goal.
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