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From dcamp:

OK, so if you build from the remote debug repo[1], there is a
DebuggerUI global on each navigator:browser chrome window (same scope
you'd normally be able to get at gBrowser from).

DebuggerUI has two methods of interest for you:

startDebugger() will fire up a debugger on the currently-selected tab
(due to some unfinished business, you can't start debuggers on
arbitrary tabs - only the currently-selected one).  It will return a
debugger pane object (I'll get to that in a minute).

getDebugger(aTab) will return the debugger pane for the given browser
tab.  I suggest calling it with gBrowser.selectedTab to get the
debugger on the currently-selected browser.

The debugger pane object[2] keeps an eye on the html debugger UI.  The
most interesting thing it has at the moment is a property called
"activeThread" which accesses the ThreadClient[3] object for the
currently-running debugger.  The only interesting method the
ThreadClient currently has on it is resume(), which will resume a
thread already paused at a debugger; statement.  I would suggest that
you check the ThreadClient's state property to make sure it is
"paused" before trying to resume - it won't fail usefully right now.

This is all very very rough, but hopefully it'll give you something to
play with.  Things should tighten up over the next week or two, and I
intend to dangle more useful commands/objects off of DebuggerUI that
should be useful for the command line.


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