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avoid potential global state change when marking xpconnect wrappers


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For the bug 638660 we need that any JSClass::trace should allow to to be invoked from non-main thread and even potentially allow to be invoked for the same object from different threads at the same time. 

XPC_WN_Shared_Trace and XPC_WN_Helper_Trace from xpcwrappednativejsops.cpp violates this as they call GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject that in turn instantiate XPCCallContxt. The latter fails for non-main thread.

One way to fix this is to change GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject not to depend on XPCCallContxt and even JSContext. If this is not possible in general, then we should provide a light version of the function tailored for GC marking needs.
I was wrong about CallContext instantiating during marking. That is not used. So what is only problematic is a call to a security manager when XPCWrappedNative::GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject calls XPCWrapper::Unwrap.
Summary: avoid ccx, allocations and any global state change when marking xpconnect wrappers → avoid potential global state change when marking xpconnect wrappers
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The patch passes null as cx parameter to XPCWrapper::GetWrappedNativeOfJSObject and changes the latter to use XPCWrapper::UnsafeUnwrapSecurityWrapper if so.
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Man this is some ugly code in xpconnect. Thanks for the quick turn-around igor.
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blake, do we still need that security check and could we do a compartment check instead?
For now, we probably need to keep the security check. Once we have a compartment-per-window, we could probably switch to a compartment check (if I'm understanding your question correctly).
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