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URL bar go/refresh button in new tab should work with unloaded valid URL




Address Bar
7 years ago
6 years ago


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7 years ago
1. Open a new tab
2. Type valid URL in URL bar, without loading it
3. Click the content area to remove focus from the URL bar
4. Try clicking the go button

In this case, the go button will be stuck in disabled refresh state, whereas IMO it should Just Work (TM). Not sure whether it should require a valid URL or should just always work if there's any text in the URL bar at the moment (it might be a search query).

Comment 1

7 years ago
BTW, I can't select "6 Branch" for the version, but this still happens in the first Aurora build of 6.0a2.
Keywords: ux-consistency, ux-efficiency

Comment 2

7 years ago
This behavior is the same in all tabs, so I don't know if there is a ux-consistency argument here. In all cases, the go button is only visible if the URL bar is focused. I'm also not sure why you would perform an extra click to remove focus from the URL bar if your goal is to click the go button to load a new URL.

Comment 3

7 years ago
Alright, I'll remove the consistency tag here.

Yes, the extra click is silly. Problem is, there seem to be some cases where the page state is hovering somewhere in between states, such that no option is active even though there is a URL there. I don't have a consistent reproduction scenario yet, but I run into it with some frequency, for example on my high-latency UMTS modem.

My argument is simply that the button should always be clickable when there's something in the URL bar, and there are definitely some states now where it isn't.

Here's one example: open a download in a new tab. That tab gets title "New Tab" and has a refresh button in disabled state, even though there's a valid URL in there.
Keywords: ux-consistency

Comment 4

7 years ago
Another reproducible case is when you open some webpage on a high-latency connection. While the page hasn't loaded yet, the go/refresh button is stuck in disabled refresh state (refreshing helps in some cases where the connection was down and has now come up again).
I guess another bug related to bug 610357 and bug 440785
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