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Intermittent test failure in layout/reftests/svg/smil/transform/scale-1.svg


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Windows XP
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(Keywords: intermittent-failure, Whiteboard: [needs landing on beta/aurora after confirmed-fixed on m-c])


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> The test failure is not visually noticeable.

Elaborating on that slightly: At least in the latest instance, there's a single column of vertical pixels that mismatch in each of the far-right circles.  The mismatching pixels are rgb(255,214,102) in the testcase vs. rgb(255,215,102) in the reference -- that's a difference of 1 in the green channel.
OS: Windows 7 → Windows XP
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Per comment 40, it looks like we're just triggering an occasional visually-undetectable rounding error with a single-pixel-position gradients.

While this might be a real bug, it's pretty minor & not at all what this test is meant to verify.  There's actually no reason we need to use a gradient here, AFAIK -- we could just as easily be scaling a plain circle.
This changes the test to use a smiley-face instead of a gradient, to hopefully avoid the randomorange, per previous comment.

The smiley-face is essentially copypasted from skew-1.svg, except that I cut most of the values in half to get it to be the right size (r=20 instead of r=40).  (one exception: I didn't cut the mouth-size in half, because I was too lazy to figure out what values to tweak and by how much -- and also, the double-size mouth actually looks fine. :) )
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fix: use smiley instead of gradient-fill

Review of attachment 577186 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good to me. Thanks for fixing this Daniel!
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No problem, thanks for the quick r+!
Pushed to Try as a sanity-check before landing:

Assuming this really fixes the randomorange on m-c-based branches, we should land this on branches, too (since it's a test-only fix).  I'll wait a week or two before doing that, to be sure m-c-based branches like this.
Whiteboard: [orange] → [orange][needs landing on beta/aurora after confirmed-fixed on m-c]
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Closed: 12 years ago
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Whiteboard: [orange][needs landing on beta/aurora after confirmed-fixed on m-c] → [needs landing on beta/aurora after confirmed-fixed on m-c]
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