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[kitsune] "Visits" column in the SuMoMo Contributor Dashboard is missing # of hits


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please do the necessary yak shaving to  update the visits column at:

my guess is this somehow requires a hook to Web Trends
You need to run the 'reload_wiki_traffic_stats' cron, after setting WEBTRENDS_WIKI_REPORT_URL in settings_local.
:sancus this looks like something that can be easily fixed in Q3 right?
Blocks: 671033
No longer blocks: 645198
:sancus can we fix this before the end of the year please?
From :

QUOTE from :sancus
  Have a fix for bug 661003 (kitsune analysis thing) but still waiting for 
  email to come back so I can reset my webtrends password to finish this up... 
update: sancus did some web trends yak shaving (but new web trends reports only work on new data so we have to wait a few days to see the data to test on a local vm)

Fingers crossed this deployment will occur on after the TB9 release on Dec 20 but before Christmas.
(In reply to Roland Tanglao :rolandtanglao from comment #5)
> Fingers crossed this deployment will occur on after the TB9 release on Dec
> 20 but before Christmas.

Hi Roland,
Do you mean Christmas 2011 or 2012?
heh i meant 2011!
:sancus any update on this?
Obviously this didn't get done before Christmas :)

Still working on it, sadly it's not straightforward because getting the JSON from webtrends to match up with what the code expects is undocumented and was forgotten by the person who originally wrote the code.

I tried to borrow the report from's webtrends profile, but I'm still getting errors trying to reload_wiki_traffic_stats, of course.
Hi gents,

Is there any progress on this old bug? Is there any hope to fix it rapidly?
There's no progress, I've been busy with other things. Unfortunately when we do a Thunderbird release, especially a double release like this time(TB10 and ESR) that has additional content in pages, I basically can't work on anything else for a couple of weeks.

I may have time to work on it this week.
See this post from Chris explaining why analitics are important to improve the KB:
Andrei, is there anything you need from sumodev for this?
I'm hearing that Mozilla is moving off of webtrends, so implementing a solution on webtrends may be not be worth it. I imagine if you hook up with sumodev, when they transfer to the new software, you'll have the documentation you need for sumomo to do the same.
That sounds good. And no, I don't need anything from sumodev. What I need is for someone to explain exactly how to configure the webtrends report to produce JSON of the format that kitsune requires, I've tried even using a copy of the one from SUMO and it doesn't work, sadly. I talked to the person who wrote the code initially(I think it was erik rose) some time ago, and he'd forgotten most of the process and didn't really remember how it worked.

Any idea what the timeline for moving off webtrends looks like?
(In reply to Andrei Hajdukewycz [:sancus] from comment #14)
> Any idea what the timeline for moving off webtrends looks like?

No. I got the info from
I read from Thunderbird meeting minutes that "fixed a problem with SUMOMO, this week I’m going to fix several longstanding bugs with the site. "

Does it include fixing this bug? I hope it is not forgotten...
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