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major update automation should be able to be run independently, or as part of the "to" release


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When the major update automation was originally designed we were always shipping point releases in sync, which made it quite easy to do them as part of the "from" release. In the new world, we're constantly generating new major updates as part of the "to" release. Eg, 4.0.1 -> 5.0b2, then -> 5.0b3, then -> 5.0b4, etc. Because of the current implementation, we have to muck around with the 4.0.1 release tags to make it work. In addition to it being bad housekeeping, it's rather strange that we need to update the mozilla-2.0 release config as part of every mozilla-beta release.

Ideally, I think we should disassociate the major update automation from the rest of it. This could also be a good opportunity to move it to a client side script, and feed it information at runtime.
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Bulk move of bugs to Release Automation component.
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We're only doing a few more major updates in the forseeable future, and Balrog will obsolete this code.
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