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WebGL demos relying on cross-domain textures will be broken by landing bug 656277


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Sadly, we will probably land very soon the patch in bug 656277, blocking cross-domain textures in WebGL.

The plan is to add the possibility of relaxing this with CORS, but that hasn't been implemented yet.

As a result, some WebGL-using Mozilla demos are broken:

Completely broken:
 * 360 degree video --- the videos are hosted on a different origin, so no video is shown anymore. The script keeps running, which means that exceptions are caught.

Severely broken:
 * Globe Twitter --- the blue globe is still working and responding to mouse input, but the part that paints Twitter avatars is completely broken, as it was using tainted Canvas2D's as textures. Uncaught exception here. Might work if we don't throw.

Slightly broken:
 * Flight of the Navigator --- it mostly still works, but some of the TV screens on the buildings are now black, as they were showing cross-origin pictures/video. Some other pictures/videos still work, like the videos of Mozilla people.

 * No Comply -- yay! All textures seem the be local, including the video.
 * Remixing Reality
 * HTML5 Dashboard - WebGL teapot
Blocks: 656277
Thanks for the heads up, benoit.

Adding Jay Patel. These demos are currently hosted on the Demo Studio site now, as web o wonder will be pulled down for fx 5. 

the WoW site is currently seeing very little traffic, so for now, the web o wonder site isn't an issue. Jay, how should we address this on Demo Studio?
Assignee: nobody → jay
Depends on: 662599
× 360 degree video: we just need to move the video to the demo studio
× GlobeTweeter and FlightOfTheNavigator: We won't be able to fix them. The images are from and
(In reply to comment #2)
> × GlobeTweeter and FlightOfTheNavigator: We won't be able to fix them. The
> images are from and

Well, eventually Twitter and Flickr are going to implement CORS. Twitter said it's "on the radar" and I generally speaking it's in the interest of websites to make it easier to use their images. This will be a good thing to evangelize on once bug 662599 is fixed. WebKit is ahead of us here,
and they've started evangelizing already.
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