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remove a couple of directories from mochitest-1 for android tests


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currently we have a list of directories that we test against for mochitest-1 on android.  With our recent push to remove .xul and non DOM tests from mochitest and put them in mochitest-chrome, we have removed a couple of these directories from mochitest:

currently these tests live in mochitest-chrome.

please remove the above two directories from the list of directories we run for mochitest-1 on android.
joel - where would I remove these dirs from?  I don't think we (releng) control these resources or am I being confused again.
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Whiteboard: [android][tegra][mobile_unittests]
oh - cool, I can fix that
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Do we have a bug already filed on moving those hard-coded lists of directories into the tree? You can fix it, but only at the cost of burning TraceMonkey and anyone else who is running Android mochitests until they merge.
this list of directories is a stepping stone until we can get all the mochitests running in android.  Currently removing these directories (a few test files each) from the list of M1 will remove us testing on all branches (:bear, correct me if I am wrong here).  Yes, we won't be getting the same coverage, but currently we have so many failing tests on mobile that anything we have continue to keep running which is green is 100% more valuable than not running tests at all.
Do I need to add a project/branch exception to the list? Or just shorten the list for the short-term
philor, can you start a bug thread for making this data driven.  My ultimate goal is to have this chunked (as we do for desktop) once we fix/manifest out all tests which cannot run on mobile.
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remove two mochitest's from the current list

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