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Remove the double-flip hack in Cocoa widget added for MacOS 10.4


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We don't support 10.4 anymore so you should probably not worry about that and save some cycles.
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By "you", I meant "we".
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Looks like this works in principle, but this patch on its own changes the vertical position of some buttons. For example the regular-sized buttons on the General preferences pane are two pixels higher.
It may well be that there's a bug in the current flipping code and that we're passing in wrong margins; but whatever causes the difference, it needs to be fixed before we can land this patch.
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The code used to render the button seems old and hacky: the button doesn't take the entire frame and |pushButtonSettings| doesn't even seems up to date. Interface Builder gives me different values for the height. Though, changing them makes it worse :(
Now you know why I've been reluctant to touch that code :)
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> Now you know why I've been reluctant to touch that code :)

Eh :)

I will keep this bug open and will get back to it some day or another. I'm not using a Mac in my day to day work so it might take some time before I work on it. Though, I like to distract myself with that kind of bug :)
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MacOs 10.4 is no longer supported.
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> MacOs 10.4 is no longer supported.

Yes. This bug is dealing with removal of code that we no longer need.
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