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A stub blog post for Glow 1.0 has been placed at:

John and Mayumi, please submit a 1-2 paragraph writeup about the accomplishments of Glow into this ticket.  Also include the best 3-5 articles about Glow that we can link to.

Daniel, please submit a 1 paragraph writeup about the technical side of Glow in this ticket.  Also include a link to the blog post that describes the technical aspects of Glow in depth.

I will add screenshots for Glow to the blog post.

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6 years ago
First pass at copy from me & Mayumi. I'd be happy to edit this & Daniel's text once we have both so they fit together well.

Here's what we have for now:

We launched the first version of glow.mozilla.org with the Firefox 4 release in March as a way to visualize Firefox downloads and community involvement around the world.  Thanks to the development skill of Matthew Claypotch and Jeff Balogh, and the design talents of Sean Martell, it was a great success, with more than 1.2 million unique visitors and frequent press mentions. (It was also a pretty nifty demo of some of the best open technology the modern web has to offer.)

As we move toward a new rapid release cycle, we are finding new ways of measuring Firefox success across the globe. So, we've temporarily pulled Glow offline while we cook up the next awesome iteration. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for more Glow in the near future!  

If you are interested in learning the technical details behind Glow check out the source code at [insert link], or view an _archived version of the original site_. 

(not sure if "archived version" is the right way to refer to what Jeff mentioned the other day, so feel free to update)

Also, here are some links to articles that refer to Glow. We can either point to some of these from "frequent press mentions" in the first paragraph, or just list some at the end of the post. Am open to whatever you prefer:

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Blog post updated at:

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6 years ago
Looks great, thanks Ryan.
(In reply to comment #1)
> If you are interested in learning the technical details behind Glow check
> out the source code at [insert link], or view an _archived version of the
> original site_. 

The first version of Glow used several technologies including SQLStream and HBase to process download request logs in real time and make them available for the site to display.
If you are interested in learning the technical details behind Glow read this article from the Mozilla Metrics team [ http://blog.mozilla.com/data/2011/03/22/how-glow-mozilla-org-gets-its-data/ ] which has links to the source code repositories.
Thanks Daniel - Blog post updated at:
Is this complete?
Calling this complete.  Let me know if any changes are needed on the post.  Thanks!
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