GCLI commands should be reviewed for security issues



8 years ago
7 months ago


(Reporter: jwalker, Assigned: dchanm+bugzilla)


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(Whiteboard: [sg:audit][secr:dchan], URL)

From security review: "have mrbkap review implementations, especially ones that explicitly wrap or unwrap"
Whiteboard: [sg:audit]
mrbkap - the code for this review isn't written yet, so feel free to relax for a while :)
Blocks: 675923
No longer blocks: 659059
Whiteboard: [sg:audit] → [sg:audit][minotaur]
Assignee: nobody → jwalker
Depends on: 664693
Keywords: sec-review-needed
No longer depends on: 664693
Depends on: 664693
Whiteboard: [sg:audit][minotaur] → [sg:audit]
Blocks: 689605
No longer blocks: 675923
Whiteboard: [sg:audit] → [sg:audit][secr:dchan]
Moving GCLI bugs to Developer Tools: Console. Filter on 'baked beans are off'.
Component: Developer Tools → Developer Tools: Console
Have you guys had a chance to look over the docs yet? I'd like to schedule a security review if one is needed. Thanks.
dchan is assigned to look at this, if he sees the need for a meeting he will let you/me know.
(In reply to Curtis Koenig [:curtisk] from comment #5)
> dchan is assigned to look at this, if he sees the need for a meeting he will
> let you/me know.

So I'm going to assume that we're good unless you contact me.
Assignee: jwalker → dchan+bugzilla

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7 years ago
Commented in the wrong bug. The security review is complete. Thanks Joe!

See bug #664693 for full comment.

Joe: Your concern about screenshot is answered in there.
Thanks for the review.

Anyone opposed to me closing this bug? I'll assume that I should remove the sec-review-needed whiteboard tag too?
Keywords: sec-review-needed → sec-review-complete
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Flags: sec-review+


7 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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