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Replace the retired Public Domain Dedication link with CC0 in SVG reftests


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Our public domain reftests link to but that page says that that old dedication is retired in favor of CC0. We should update to CC0 as a more effective and less US-centric tool for dedicating to the public domain.
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Generated using:

find layout/reftests/svg -type f | xargs -I{} sed -i -e 's,,,g' {}

and checked for sanity visually. This is big enough to make your eyes bleed, but the sooner we do it the less time for more tests using the defunct dedication page.
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I'm with the details provided Gerv's OK with the concept of the swap.
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> I'm with the details provided Gerv's OK with the concept of the swap.

That should have said I'm OK with the details...
Normally you can't change the licensing on things without asking the copyright holder - but what if the copyright holder has disclaimed all interest? Is it OK to replace their disclaimer of interest with a different disclaimer of interest? :-)

I don't mind too much either way. You can either switch them all over, or you can just start using the new dedication given here:
on new tests.

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Right, that's how I saw it.

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Hmm, the "Page History" link on that page seems to be broken BTW.
jwatt: that appears to be bug 619842.

Ah, thanks.
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Hi guys. How can I verify this?
It's not a functional change to Firefox. It's just a change to the text in the reftests. If I were you I wouldn't bother.
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