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GCLI completer text doesn't line up with the inputter text


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Joe, this fixes the issue on my machine, but I am not sure it would work on all machines across the board. What would be a better way to fix this problem?
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Just realized that this patch wrecks the existing jsterm's text alignment.
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It seems that the reason the font alignment was messed up for GCLI but not jsterm is because jsterm uses a textbox element for the completer's node, but GCLI uses a div. I looked in to the styles that are applied to textboxes by default and it turns out that they have some margin by default!
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Attachment #540923 - Flags: feedback?(jwalker)
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It seems like a standard for CSS files to not have the tag name in there. i.e. s/div.jsterm/.jsterm/ and I know from previous work that the CSS files sometimes get significant scrutiny, so it's probably worth fixing.

We should (but to-date I have not) make similar changes in pinstripe/winstripe and gnomestripe. I'm guessing you're on a mac (pinstripe) so you won't easily be able to test the other configs anyway. I've vagely planned on doing that towards the end of the cycle (I've got a PC on order, which will help too)
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f+ the patch when the div part of the selector is gone.
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Can't happen until is completed because the div prefix is required b/c of the textbox vs. div default style issues that I mention above.
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