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7 years ago
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7 years ago
This information will be posted on the Dev Derby site when the July Derby rolls around.

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7 years ago
We've decided to just add a "Expert Judges" section to the "Judging" tab that we can just add to as new people sign up to help us vote.

So far we have Lea and Divya signed up to help judge the June CSS3 Derby... and their details are available here: http://etherpad.mozilla.com:9000/demochallenges

Craig:  Can you please create a simple layout for the judges that include pic + name + short bio that we can add to the bottom part of the Judging tab?  We need to this by next week, so you can prioritize this ahead of the Demo Studio sub-pages.  Hopefully this is a quick one to do after you wrap up the Calendar templates.   Thanks!


7 years ago
Assignee: nobody → craigcook.bugz

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7 years ago
I've created a liust of people who might make good judges. Please see the section "Possible judges" in the following document:


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7 years ago
For 0.9.7 let's at least get Lea, Divya and Ethan up there.
Summary: Decide on judges for the July Dev Derby and get their bios and headshots → Update Dev Derby "Judging" tab with judges' bios and headshots
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(In reply to comment #3)
> For 0.9.7 let's at least get Lea, Divya and Ethan up there.

Do we have a mockup / style for adding the judges? or at least a mockup for images sizes, etc?

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7 years ago
(In reply to comment #4)
> (In reply to comment #3)
> > For 0.9.7 let's at least get Lea, Divya and Ethan up there.
> Do we have a mockup / style for adding the judges? or at least a mockup for
> images sizes, etc?

Not yet... I was hoping Craig could help there once he wraps up his other stuff.  But if you can try something out with basic layout, let's try to do what they did here: http://extendfirefox.com/mobile-cup/judges.php BUT with the bio below the name so it's right of the mugshot.

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7 years ago
If you want to just fill in the copy/headshots for now I can fix it up this afternoon.
Ideally, we should have these as attachments in right-sized images and final copy on this bug. I don't have photoshop and generally don't do a lot of image editing. I'll try installing Gimp and see what I can do with what's on hand

But, that said, I could use some help rounding up the headshots and bios, as I'm having problems:

For Lea Verou:
- Headshot and bio: http://leaverou.me/speaking/press/ (password in email thread)

I don't have this password, and I don't think I'm on the email thread mentioned.

For Ethan Marcotte:
- Headshot (?): http://unstoppablerobotninja.com/-/img/about-intro.jpg Can't find anything better, and not entirely sure that this is him. Will do some more digging soon. (That's him)

The bio's fine, but the image is more or less a banner image. Need that cropped to just his face.

For Divya Manian:

Probably fine here - have a bio and the headshot just needs resizing I think

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7 years ago
I can make the headshots, just tell me what size and where to put em
(In reply to comment #8)
> I can make the headshots, just tell me what size and where to put em

That's the problem... I don't know what size without styling, and I can't get to one of them. The other two are here:

Divya - https://si0.twimg.com/profile_images/1132114368/divya-june-2010.jpg
Ethan - http://unstoppablerobotninja.com/-/img/about-intro.jpg

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7 years ago
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7 years ago
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7 years ago
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7 years ago
Craig:  Bios are on the etherpad http://etherpad.mozilla.com:9000/demochallenges; pics are attached.  Twitter names on etherpad as well... so let's try to fit them into the layout for the judges.  It'll be nice to at least link to that.

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7 years ago
Created attachment 542920 [details]
CC version we can use.
Attachment #542917 - Attachment is obsolete: true

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7 years ago
nice work craig!  judges are now added to the "judging" tab.  r.fixed on stage9

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7 years ago
Ethan would like us to use the bio on this page instead: http://www.alistapart.com/authors/m/emarcotte.

For convenience, the bio is pasted below. I preserved the HTML, as I would guess that he would like us to keep the links intact as we did in other bios.

<a href="http://ethanmarcotte.com/">Ethan Marcotte</a> is a web designer &amp; developer who cares deeply about beautiful design, elegant code, and the intersection of the two. Over the years, Ethan has enjoyed working with such clients as the Sundance Film Festival, Stanford University, <cite>New&nbsp;York Magazine</cite> and The Today Show. He swears profusely <a href="http://twitter.com/beep">on Twitter</a>, and would like to be an <a href="http://unstoppablerobotninja.com/">unstoppable robot ninja</a> when he grows up. His most recent book is <cite><a href="http://www.abookapart.com/products/responsive-web-design">Responsive Web Design</a></cite>.

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7 years ago
Hey everyone. It looks like Ethan's bio was in fact updated -- thanks! Can anyone confirm?

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7 years ago
Yep, updated in https://github.com/mozilla/kuma/commit/5d87a622faaa3e963eac5c1b8bc4ae6d4632bfc4
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