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Details was nominated as a site for retirement in the Website Taskforce meeting on June 9th:

The site is out of date.  The product owners intend to recreate the site for a future campaign, but none of the current site front-end or back-end code will be used.

The site still accepts user identifiable data at - the collected data will need to be expunged.
Assignee: nobody → chrismore.bugzilla found more problems on the site.  what is the time table for pulling it down?
Sorry for the delay, I've been consumed by other projects and haven't focused on site retirements. I will get this one moving alone given that there are real security issues.
Chris Beard/John Slater: I need confirmation from you two to retire 

Who is the product owner?
If we retire the site, do we lose all the videos? In a perfect world it'd be great to keep those around as an archive of all the great work that was done.
John: It looks like all of the videos are hosted on ( and at The website is just just a front-end and contains meta data on votes and ratings of the videos. If the website was removed the videos would remain on the web. We could provide a spreadsheet of the video titles an their location on the web for future use.
Hey Chris. I confirmed with Chris that it's fine to retire the site. He just wanted to me to reiterate (as you already know) that it's really important not to lose any of the existing video content. The site itself with the data entry form and the rest is fine to shut down though.

How does that sound?
yeah, keeping the videos sounds fine.  the vulnerability was an XSS in the sort drop down.
Update: Now that Webifyme is now done and I can focus on other tasks, I am back to this retirement. I am in the process of getting a local copy of all 200 videos featured on the website. I am also getting a DB dump of the data.

We will also need a short blog post to accompany this retirement. It just need to talk about the original purpose of the website and anything else relevant for people visiting the URL. It will redirect to this blog post after it is taken down.

Closing since we've re-launched the next iteration of this campaign and the domain redirects to the current site. Feel free to re-open if need be.
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