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This is almost certain to be a dupe of something (bug 567804?), but I'm not sure which one is the appropriate solution, so I'm just going to describe my specific problem: it used to be that when I restored my session, I would get a cluster of password prompts to click Ok on. After that (obnoxious but tolerable) initial flurry, I was set to go.

Now, my inactive tabs are delay-loaded, which means I'll get those password prompts popping up sporadically during the first few minutes of a browser session. This is much more disruptive.

In my case, the password prompts are mostly various mozilla.{org,com} LDAP authentication requests.
I think delayed restore is more valuable than pushing all the password prompts to startup (though I'm obviously a bit biased). I can see it being annoying with the default settings though, but I don't know what we'd do about that without making things way more complicated (or force max_concurrent_tabs = 0)

The way I roll is set max_concurrent_tabs to 0 so that tabs aren't restored until they are selected. Not a solution for everybody, but it would explain why I haven't been too bothered by this.
Well, I should have mentioned that all in all, I *much* prefer the new behavior -- delayed restore is definitely worth the nuisance of this bug.

I just don't want to have to choose one or the other. There are ways to get both, eg making HTTP auth be a doorhanger, allowing the browser to remember the auth info across restarts, or making a 401 delay restore until the tab is focused. But I don't know enough to make that choice, so I just wanted to get a bug on file for the issue.

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8 years ago
Yeah, I don't think we should fix this bug, just bug 567804.
I can't figure out what happened in the end for this, but I haven't seen the problem in ages. So something did. I don't want to spend the time to figure out the right bug to dupe to.
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