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Use AutoRestore to manage depth recursion tracking in nsSMILTimedElement


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netwerk/base/src/nsIOService.cpp has an RAII-style AutoIncrement class that would be useful elsewhere. I'd like to move it to mfbt.
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Proposed patch. dholbert has already given this r+ in bug 665334 but requesting review from cjones too.
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Patch v1a, r=dholbert

Hi Brian,

I'm r-'ing this patch not because there are major problems with the impl, but because I'm not sure this is a common pattern across js/src and gecko.  The pattern I've come across more commonly is [1].  If AutoIncrement starts seeing use outside of the IO service, we can polish up it and revisit.

CC'ing luke for a second opinion.

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I agree with the general sentiment that its good to hoist lazily (when needed) vs. eagerly.  I also agree that I can't think of any uses for AutoIncrement in SM; usually the ++/-- is part of some specific guard that does more than just ++/--.
(In reply to comment #2)
> [1]

Much as I like the sleekness of AutoIncrement, I think that AutoRestore should serve our purposes equally well.

Brian -- so it looks like we could replace your proposed...
> AutoIncrement<PRUint16> inc(&mUpdateIntervalRecursionDepth);
> AutoRestore<PRUint16> depthRestorer(mUpdateIntervalRecursionDepth);
> mUpdateIntervalRecursionDepth++;

Perhaps we should re-target this bug to be about that?
Thanks Chris and Luke. Fair call. I failed to point out that this wasn't just speculative; the reason for requesting it is that we need something like this in SMIL. However, as Daniel points out, the AutoRestore option Chris mentioned will do the trick. Thanks!
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Summary: Move AutoIncrement to mozilla/mfbt → Use AutoRestore to manage depth recursion tracking in nsSMILTimedElement
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