JSCodeGenerator::upvarMap should use exactly as much space as it needs

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Allocate less for upvarMap.

appendN was causing us to over-allocate. I also took a look at the number of upvar cookies we typically allocated on parsemark and they have low averages, so I added some inline storage.

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Allocate less for upvarMap.

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Looks plausible.  But I really want to see the memory regression disappear!  Can you report back to confirm that it's happened?  If it doesn't fix the regression, I think we should back both this and bug 669786 out.
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Backed out of m-i as part of a mass backout.
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It looks like the regression was fixed:


Am I reading that right?
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> Am I reading that right?

I never landed the followup patch on tracemonkey, so I'm skeptical.
If we don't get clear evidence that this fixed the original regression by early next week, I'm going to back out this patch and the previous one.  I don't want to accept a regression due to time passing and everyone forgetting about it because the bug was marked FIXED.
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We never saw a regression report on mozilla-central, so the two patch combo didn't regress anything. TM was frozen after the first one landed and before the two-patch combo went to inbound.
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> (In reply to comment #6)
> We never saw a regression report on mozilla-central, so the two patch combo
> didn't regress anything.

So the two patches landed separately on mozilla-central, and we never saw a regression?  That makes it sound like the TM regression was bogus, though it's odd that it seemingly lasted for a few pushes before going away.  Huh.  Ok, I'm satisfied.
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> Ok, I'm satisfied.

Yay! We potentially malloc less stuff now because of the inline vector size for typical upvarmaps, so that makes me happy.
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