Fx is erasing Spam Assasin's Blacklist entries




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Steps to reproduce:

So this has been driving me & my new hosting company batty for months now. I have never used Cpanel before & then I switched hosting companies last Dec. & they of course use CPanel, so I had to start learning it.

I started virulently adding spam e-mail addys to Cpanel's Spam Assassin blacklist area. I must say I don't like SA very much. It's very archaic, but even TB uses it right?

Every so often the list would just disappear for no reason at all & each time they have to reinstate the lists (black, white, etc.).

The hosting company finally started blaming my computer saying it was coming from me.

I had no idea what was happening & was freaking out.

It's so bad that they have to backup the list every night just so I don't lose all the hard work I've been doing by adding in entries & even then I still lose entries.

Finally months later a couple of weeks ago I finally found a techie who figured out what it may be b/c he was remotely on my computer when it happened right in front of his eyes.

Actual results:

I don't really understand this, but I'm sure you guys will. He never typed it out for me like I asked him to, & now he's not answering his phone or e-mail, but it sounds like he figured it out.

He thinks the session is restarting or timing out or whatever that means. Every time it does that, Fx saves the list as an empty list.

We tested it by even leaving the list open (not saved), restarted Fx & the list was still intact, so it has nothing to do with whether I have it saved or not & I almost always have it saved anyway.

Also it can happen a few hours after I start my day or even an hour later & usually if I'm gone for 7-8 hours, I have to log back into CPanel, but that doesn't seem to be the trigger he said.

He said Fx & Spam Assassin have to work it out b/c both will blame the other & as usual I'll be caught in the middle LOL

No I haven't used another browser to test it. I just haven't had the time to start using Chrome, but I'll try to remember to only use Chrome from tonight on. It's hard since I'm on auto pilot when I do my entries. I only use Chrome now when the company's site doesn't work on Fx at all.

Expected results:

List shouldn't disappear


7 years ago
OS: Other → Windows XP
Hardware: All → x86
I guess that "cpanel" is a webui for various system settings including spamassasin and I guess that it comes from http://www.cpanel.net/
Note: the cpanel interfaces have nothing to do with the products like spamassasin itself
We need a public testcase with steps to reproduce. We can't analyze this without...

Comment 2

7 years ago
Not sure what you are asking me for. I'm your test case :  )

All I can tell you is that I've been using Chrome since I wrote up this bug & nothing has been deleted, so it's pretty well certain now it's a Fx issue.


Testcase means a html file or a public URL with steps to reproducer that are working i.e. that we can reproduce your reported problem with the given testcase.
That it doesn't happen with Chrome doesn't mean that this is a gecko bug.

We have basically zero information that helps to find a bug if there is one.

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7 years ago
Please tell me what you want from me. I already gave you all the info I have. Fx keeps deleting the entries from the SA area of Cpanel.

If you want my user login, I can do that, but I won't give it out in public of course. That controls my entire business.

We are here at the browser side and a browser works with html, javascript and images etc.
Without the html/JS etc we can't find a bug but you can't (and should not) give us your login data.
That means that this is not solvable by us because we have nothing to work with. Either your hosting provider or you should contact cpanel.net.Only they can give us the needed information.
There is only one thing that you can do: Do you have additional Firefox extensions installed ?
check yourself with (alt key)/tools/addons/extensions

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7 years ago
I didn't think you'd want my log in, but I figured I'd ask. :  )

What do I say to CPanel? I'm pretty sure they are just going to blame it on Fx 

:  (

As I said in my original blurb, the geek told me that each party was going to blame the other & nothing would get resolved. I was hoping the 2 of you would discuss it.

I personally don't like SA. It's a poorly made piece of software IMO, but even TB uses it, so what am I supposed to do? I just started using it once I switched to this hosting company & they use CPanel & CPanel uses Spam Assasin.

The hosting company is clueless. They just keep blaming my computer, although they did recommend to switch browsers, but since I'm soooo loyal to Fx, I said no thanks LOL. But I'll repeat, I've had no problems since I decided to try Chrome.

Here are the add-ons...

Area deCoder - this one shouldn't be causing the problem, he's upgraded with every new version of Fx. Just talked to him the other week in fact.
Last Pass - I now have tons of different p/ws, so I have to have this although it's been causing problems with certain sites & I'm in discussions with them.
Smartest Bookmarks Bar - this one I need & just installed recently, so it's not this.
Java Quick Starter - don't even know what this is for or if it's needed
Java Console (about 3 of them, don't know if I should delete the lower numbered ones or what)

Thanks :  )

>the geek told me that each party was going to blame the other & nothing would get resolved.

I don't blame the other. All i say is that it's nearly impossible for us to analyze the problem without more information. 

there is a demo section on http://cpanel.net/ at the top right. Is  Domain Owner Panel/cpanel 11 Demo/Spamassasin/configure Spamassasin the same panel that you have on your domain ?

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7 years ago
I'm not saying you are, I am just making an open ended statement since I don't know what to do :  )

Ok, this is the one we use... Root and Reseller Admin Panel

At first I thought it was only happening on the root domain (the main account where my main domain is), but then it happened on one of the reseller domains. 

They aren't really resellers, they are all my domains, they are just placed as resellers so each domain has a different log in.

One of the features there on that panel is calls Spam Assasin.

And btw, when it deletes it, it deletes both lists, not just the blacklist. There's a whitelist there too.

You click on the bottom button called "configure spam assasin". That's where the lists are.

The other buttons are to configure other things like scoring & if the spam gets deleted at the server level or is kept, etc.


This looks like simple forms and i don't rad other bug reports about such an issue with simple forms. Could you try it without addons -> http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Safe+Mode

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7 years ago
Unfortunately I can't spend days working in safe mode waiting for this to happen again. I have to work every day. It's an intermittent issue although had increased in severity just b4 I switched to Chrome.

I can try to eliminate one add-on at a time, but there's at least one I need every day, so I'll have to see what happens & if I can work without it.

Especially lastpass deals with forms and could be the problem

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7 years ago
Well then I have to figure out how to get my login details for TONS of sites into a doc so I don't lose everything otherwise I'm screwed.

But Chrome uses LP too & it's not affecting Chrome.


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