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UI for flagging articles for review


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There was much discussion around this on Basecamp.

Janet: "Currently we use tags to flag things as needing review, but a new UI would be useful. Right now, if someone removes a review tag, it may not be clear whether it was because they reviewed the page, or because they decided it didn’t need to be reviewed. So defining “needs review” and “reviewed” states (which a page can go through any number of times) would be helpful."

Sheppy: "I would prefer a real UI for flagging articles for review. Having buttons in the sidebar or something for "needs tech review" and "needs editorial review" that would change the state, which are then replaced with buttons for "reviewed" and "review not needed" or something like that, which clicking would return the document to a state where a "needs tech review" button is visible, for example. Not sure of the best UI for this, but being able to quickly move from state to state would be helpful.

Also, should have these buttons as part of the save process (that is, "Save and mark as needing tech/editorial/both" reviews)."

Jay: "For flagging articles and tracking review states, we have plans to implement that in Kuma, so while we may not have it right now, we should in the near future.  So we will have to design the UI for all of that with input and feedback from the docs team."
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Is this a dupe of bug 665719 (or vice versa)?
Happy to leave this as-is for now. Bug 665719 is much more vague. Will sort it out even more once I clean up the backlog.
Going to contradict myself given the additional work we have been doing with bug 665719 lately.
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