[RFE] Add "Send Picture via E-mail" menu item to context image menus



18 years ago
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18 years ago
Just saw a screen shot of IE 6.0 and they have this really smooth option in 
their context menus for images to send the picture via e-mail. I think it's 
similar to our send page option, but just for images. I don't think it'd be hard 
to implement (although I don't know that part of the code) but a nice feature 
for MoJo.

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18 years ago
easy thing, but what do UI people say?
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18 years ago
They cackle in disbelief.

(1) image > `View Only this Image'
(2) `File' > `Send Page ...'
That's pretty easy.

(1) `File' > `New' > `Message'
(2) drag image to composition window
That's pretty easy, too.
IE6's popup menu is huge. Even on a large desktop (like, say, 1600x1200 like
mine) it is impossible to guess exactly where the popup menu will appear, 
because it is so big. The whole point of a popup menu is that we should be able
to get to frequently used options quickly. If you have to wait for the menu to
pop up, let your brain work out where the option you want has appeared, then
click on it, rather than using muscle memory, then the whole point is lost.

The better option would be to let images get focus, then use the main menus.
e.g., click on the image, then go to "Object|Send Image...".


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18 years ago
Note that Internet Explorer 5.0 doesn't have a `View Only This Image' item in its 
context menu, with the result that when my customers at the cafe want to forward 
a picture they received in their Hotmail to someone else (as they frequently want 
to), they need to go through the rigmarole of using `Save Image ...' to save the 
image to the desktop, composing a new message, attaching the file from the 
desktop, deleting the message, and finally deleting the file (or leaving it for 
me to clean up).

Microsoft probably saw this problem too, and thought `ok, let's add a "Send Image 
by E-mail" option to the context menu!', not realizing that adding a `View Only 
this Image' item instead would solve quite a few other problems at the same time.

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18 years ago
I see both sides of the coin. Ian, you are right that context menus are getting 
much too large these days. Havn't a "View Image" instead to solve other problems 
is good too.

But how about a context menu for images [and maybe in the future other things] 
like "Actions" that has sub menus that can be attached. You can have view image 
only, send via e-mail (send via a particular e-mail account), perhpas you could 
stick save as in there and even print to make context menus even smaller. Wow, 
you could even put things like Print in there or Copy and Copy Image Location. 
now to think about it, there are a lot of things you can do with images on the 
context menu. It'd be nice to organize them better.

mpt will say no, because menus are supposed to be quick access and submenus are
measurably slower (apparently). mpt would have you click on the image to give it
focus, and then have you use the main menus to do whatever you want.

timeless will say yes, and show you his prototype with much pride.

mpt is a UI weenie. I defer to his opinion...
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Comment 7

18 years ago
I'd like to know how to add stuff to the context menus myself. Is there a sample 
or patch in a bug that does this? Not saying that I'll fix this, just perhpas 
include something in a "Power Tweaks" bundle.

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18 years ago
Chaning the qa contact on these bugs to me. MPT will be moving to the 
owner of this component shortly. I would like to thank him for all his hard 
work as he moves roles in mozilla.org...Yada, Yada, Yada...
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18 years ago
updating to new owner. sorry for the spam.
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18 years ago
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17 years ago
-> me
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17 years ago
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16 years ago
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