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Website changes for 2.1b1


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Because at least initially we'll have some stuff to work up, filing so that we (I) don't forget:


2) blog post content

3) ua-messages/versions.js changes (first item of )

4) "Preview" sign on contribute (update the version text, unless I've hooked it into our js versions stuff)

5) The update definition and description

Most of these are gated on settling the language used in the relnotes, since that language gets reused in most of the non-trivial changes here.
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Attached patch Proposed preview.cbo changes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Notwithstanding any changes Stuart may want to relnote text that's reused here, this is the proposed set of changes to preview.cbo (you can see a live version on stage at ).

In particular, b1's "Improved plug-in control" section probably needs some love; that was the meatiest area of change in b1 (aside from lots of little tweaks to autocomplete, which don't pull out well).  I did want to mention Java and PPC Flashblock specifically, since for some those might be disruptive changes and, beyond having them as part of the full relnotes, seem like things to be as up-front about as possible.
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Proposed preview.cbo changes

Typo: "Flash plug-is"

Maybe we should have an "Other important changes" section below the features list, and have the Flash and Java stuff as two bullet points there? That would make the plugin control less cluttered, and help distinguish between "feature" and "things we think you'll want to know". I agree we need to do something different with that section though.
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Take 2, with Stuart's fixes and suggestions.

Proposed blog post (as usual, basically find/replace from previous):

<p>After several months of hard work following the release of Camino 2.1 Alpha 1, the Camino Project is proud to announce the <a href="">second preview release of Camino 2.1</a>.</p>
<p>Camino 2.1 Beta 1 contains several notable improvements, including improved control over plug-ins, overhauled location bar autocomplete, a new history backend, the ability to hide the status bar, and enhanced support for web standards provided by version 1.9.2 of the Gecko rendering engine.</p>
<p>For more information and to download, please <a href="">visit our preview site</a> (users of <a href="">nightly builds</a> will be notified of the new preview release by software update and can install the new preview release by choosing <kbd class="menu">Check for Updates…</kbd> from the <kbd class="menu">Camino</kbd> menu).</p>
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Proposed preview.cbo changes, take 2

As before, you can see a live version on stage at
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Proposed preview.cbo changes, take 2


Ship it!
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Proposed preview.cbo changes, take 2

Ship ALL the beta descriptions!
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Just for reference, this was the definition for 2.1b1.
So shipped.
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