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App tabs break when navigating within the page, allowing you to change the default page of the tab.


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Steps to reproduce:

1) Open
2) Right click and "Pin as app tab"
3) Go to app tab and perform a search (I.e. armorgames)
4) Click on the result, this will take you to the website (I.e.

Actual results:

Your app tab has now been changes to that website (

Expected results:

App tab should have opened the link in a new regular tab, and stayed on the current page. Eventually the tab should revert back to the default set URL, possibly after a set amount of time idle or after a browser restart.
I reproduced the issue in Firefox and in Chrome and found that they both behave the same way. However, if you click on a link in Twitter it opens your link in a new tab, so this is not necessarily a Firefox problem but a Google problem.
Gunner, Twitter by default makes link open in a new tab/window, similar to some other websites and platforms (like phpbb and wikimedia, for external links) If you expect app tabs to only work when websites modify links then they will never work. When using an app tab firefox, not the site, should force the behavior we want. App tabs aren't a web standard and no one is going to make a website that works specifically for then, least of all google which has its own browser and no interest in helping firefox look better.
By design, in Google you want to get the link you want and not go back. A work-around for what you may want is to edit the value in about:config.
Ok forget google, this is an app tab problem. It happens in other sites (including this one)
I still think this is a problem. You now have the home tab in progress and it will NOT work unless you fix it. App tabs should never navigate away from the core url for which they are pinned. If I click a link on my home tab I will LOSE my home tab, rendering it pointless. I am using nightly and though I thought I would have a home tab I don't. So because it is just supposed to be a pinned tab with the settings of the home button (in my case about:home) I made one and performed a search in the search bar. Bye bye home tab. I don't think people would be happy with their home page being gone forever after they used it once.
Severity: normal → S3
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