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WordPress 3.2.1 rich text editor slow with graphics acceleration enabled


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Build ID: 20110707182747

Steps to reproduce:

Tried to edit or create a new post on WordPress 3.2.1 with a new profile on Firefox 5.01, with graphics acceleration enabled in Options.

Actual results:

The editor is very slow with a noticeable delay between characters entered. Deleting with backspace is even slower with about 10 or more backspace keypresses enqueued. Windows Taks Manager shows CPU about 2-3% when focus is on rich text editor, goes up to 10% when writing, and 20% when deleting with backspace.

When turning graphcis acceleration off, the rich text editor works as expected without delays.

Expected results:

Smooth text editing.
From about:support:

> Vendor ID
> 8086
> Device ID
> 0046

This integrated graphics card is often accompanied by a discrete graphics card (e.g. bug 667437). So this sounds like it might be a dual-GPU blacklisting issue (bug 628129). 

To confirm this, it would be helpful to know what kind of machine the user has.
It is an HP Probook 4320s laptop. Core i3 @2.13GHz, Win7 SP1 64-bit, 4GB of RAM.
I'm now using firefox 14.0.1 and WP 3.4.1 And I still experience this problem.
This was done in FF 17.0a1 (2012-08-22)
With hardware acceleration
I types 2 sentences in the Wordpress editor.

I hope this is helpfull
Today I found out this bug appears fixed in the new Firefox 17.0 (official release).
Text typing and editing was smooth with Hardware acceleration turned on (or off). Same machine same wp install.

Appreas to be fixed.
please close bug outdated and no current version seems affected anymore
Can be closed as far as I know.
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