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[Rapid Release] Mobile: Add Firefox Aurora for Mobile Download Button


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Hi Tara, 

I am working with Laura and Chrissie on getting more user data and recommendations on how to best redesign the page. 

In the meantime, there is an urgent need to add the Firefox Aurora for Mobile download button in the page. 

Would it be possible to get a design by end of week with the Firefox Aurora for Mobile button. 

My idea is that we just have two columns: Firefox Aurora and Firefox Beta and have Desktop and Mobile Download button under each column (attaching a mockup)
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Assigning to Ty. But lets discuss further first.
Assignee: tshahian → tyronflanagan
Ty is going to whip this up for us today.  Stay tuned...
Grace, is that placeholder copy in the mockup?  cc-ing Matej so he can give it a quick review before we go live with it.
that's what we have in the page now:
unless matej has any other suggestions or would like to change it up. 

Well, it seems like we'd need to tweak the copy a bit to highlight "desktop" vs. "mobile since we're combining them under each channel... right?
if matej, has time to customize it, i think that would be great. 
but i don't think it's critical and im fine if we keep the copy the same for now since the goal in aurora in desktop and mobile are the same. the copy for beta desktop and mobile now are already pretty similar. thanks!
I think in this case it's actually better to provide less of a separation or distinction between desktop and mobile since it reinforces that there's one Firefox, just for different platforms. I'd go with the copy we have and just put the two download buttons beneath. I think that will be pretty clear.
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Thanks Ty!  Overall looks great.  few nits that we can address later (like the download button colors and making sure they are clearly differentiated... I believe Aurora is Purple).  

We'll address that on Monday.
Np, thats an easy fix. I could have sworn Sean told me we were moving away from the purple Aurora button and only using green buttons for anything downloadable.
He's got the latest info on that.  The current site has purple, so I went off of that.
will agree to whatever the latest standards are. But I was wondering if we need to differentiate desktop from mobile maybe? 

other than that. I think it looks good. Also, dont want to spend too much time on this (as this might need to get revisited again soon)

Yah, there needs to be a stronger differentiation there. Agreed.

Ty ?
Ill chat with Sean and see what we can do.
Without getting into button color and layout changes, Ive added a small icon to indicate the difference in platform. Its minimalistic and doesnt detract from the overall look of the download button. The first button using a generic touchscreen device, and the second uses the android robot.
Looks good.  But honestly I dont' think it's clear enough what the differences are between the 4 buttons :(
agree with tara, that the changes are pretty subtle. 

if all the download buttons have to be green, im fine with using the little mobile icon for both the aurora and beta (since both aurora and beta are for android).

i think that's fine for now for tomorrow's update.

hi ty. can you please provide the final psd here so i can update the implementation bug: 673566

the website update is tomorrow.

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> Hi Grace,
> Here is the PSD: 

awesome! thanks ty!
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