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Signing servers should check and report keys' expire date


(Release Engineering :: Release Automation: Signing, defect, P3)

Windows Server 2003


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(Whiteboard: [kanban:engops:] [automation][releases])

We hit a problem during Firefox/Fennec 6.0b3 release when the GPG key was expired. It would be great to check the expire date of the keys and send an email when the date is in less than 1 month.
Blocks: 627271
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [staging][automation] → [automation][releases]
Mass move of bugs to Release Automation component.
Component: Release Engineering → Release Engineering: Automation (Release Automation)
No longer blocks: hg-automation
Duplicate of this bug: 677701
Summary: Signing procedure should check keys' expire date → Signing servers should check and report keys' expire date
We've been putting signing server bugs in General, moving this.
Component: Release Engineering: Automation (Release Automation) → Release Engineering: Automation (General)
QA Contact: catlee
Duplicate of this bug: 671354
Product: → Release Engineering
Whiteboard: [automation][releases] → [kanban:engops:] [automation][releases]
Whiteboard: [kanban:engops:] [automation][releases] → [kanban:engops:] [automation][releases]
Whiteboard: [kanban:engops:] [automation][releases] → [kanban:engops:] [automation][releases]
Component: General Automation → General
Component: General → Release Automation: Signing
QA Contact: catlee → aki
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