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Orientation support is broken on HP laptops


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I have a HP dm1-3000 laptop, which I run Debian on. The laptop's accelerometer is detected by the lis3lv02d module in the Linux kernel I am running, so bug 562175 leads me to believe that it should be working. However, accelerometer demos like the one at do not work, even on the latest nightly - 8.0a1 (2011-07-21).

The current trunk version of dom/system/unix/nsDeviceMotionSystem.cpp contains a link to "/sys/devices/platform/lis3lv02d/calibrate", which does not exist on my system. Looking at the lm-sensors mailing list, it looks like this was removed from the kernel driver, because the lis3lv02d chip is pre-calibrated:
I don't believe we support the prefixed orientation event anymore (ie. MozOrientation) that the test uses.
I just found , which supports both MozOrientation and DeviceOrientation, but it still did not work. If there is another demo that should be used to determine support, please let me know about it.

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my Orientation sensor was not working after I replaced the screen of my laptop. it was fixed by contacting hp support if this is the issues of HP accelerometer then you may visit here it might help you to understand or solve your issues.
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