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[kbd] [Fx] New localization: Kabardian (East Circassian)


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Hi there,

We'd like to localize Firefox in the Kabardian language. The Kabardian language is a language of the indigenous people of a large region in the Caucasus Mountains in what is today South East Russia. There are several million people in the world today that speak Kabardian, and my collegues and I have formed a very motivated and dedicated team of technical and Kabardian language specialists to oversee the effort of localizing Firefox into our language.

Kabardian language Wikipedia page:
Kabardian language code: kbd (

Contacts on our team: 
Anzor Balkar (technical lead):
Jonty Yamisha (language lead):

Please hook us up and get us started so that we may run with it!

Actual results:

Firefox is not localized into the Kabardian language.

Expected results:

Firefox should be localized into the Kabardian language.
Arky, can you help here, too?

Also, Astemir was interested in Adyghe in, not sure how close that is. We failed to get messages across the language barrier sadly.
Indeed, Kabardian can be considered a certain (and most prominent) dialect of the Adyghe language (which contains a few other dialects), though its not a 1 to 1 mapping. 

Let me converse with my colleagues about what language title they would like to use for this project, then get back to you. 

Thanks Axel I'll happy to help this new locale
Thanks Axel I'll be happy to help this new locale
Hi guys,

Just wanted to sync everyone up on the same page. Indeed Astemir is one of the people on my team and I guess he tried to set something up a few months ago using the ady language code. 

Some background: 
Our language has two major dialects, one is kabardian (kbd), and the other is adyghe (ady). these two languages are largely similar, but are still measurably different. however, recently within the last few years there has been an initiative to create a unified circassian language ('circassian' is the title of our people). 

Moral of the story:
The unified Circassian language is still not regisitered in ISO. Our team is in the process of filing a request with them to get a language code created for it. Ideally, these in the language code we'd like to use for the localization. 

However, this may take some time for that process to complete. In the meantime, or if chose ady or kbd for a localization version now, could we migrate this localization to the new language code relatively painlessly?

Thanks a lot!
argh, a few autocorrecting typos in there. but the gist is there ;)
Good to see things coming together, and don't worry about the typos.

Changing the locale code won't be a piece of cake, but we can do it, so we shouldn't let that hold us back. I wouldn't have a preference on which of the existing codes to use.
Awesome, sounds great!

We'd like to move forward with the Kabardian language code: KBD

Although I do have one more question: does the way Mozilla classifies language versions absolutely require locale? We have many speakers of our language, however they are spread across 4 or 5 different countries which span all across the world. If there's any way we could use a classification that does not include a locale, we'd certainly love that.
Just language code is fine, we generally suggest to not use region codes in the locale code anyway. It's really only useful for very few languages like English ;-). (locale being the combination of language and region, and not local place)
Ohh rgr, thanks for the clarification. =)

KBD it is then. 

So now I wait for you to advise?
hey guys, any news on this?
Anzor, I'll be supporting you to get started with the Localization. Will get in touch with you via email.
Summary: localizing firefox in the Kabardian language → [kbd] [Fx] New localization: Kabardian
Summary: [kbd] [Fx] New localization: Kabardian → [kbd] [Fx] New localization: Kabardian (East Circassian)
This locale registration bug is being resolved as INCOMPLETE because it has not been updated since before the final Firefox 10esr release on 2013-01-08. It is assumed that there has not been any progress in developing the desired localization since that time.

If you feel this bug has been closed in error, please reopen it and provide a status update for your locale.

In addition, please be sure to follow the guidelines listed on the wiki for creating a new localization:

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