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Finish streamlining the search field


(Firefox :: Search, defect)

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(Reporter: faaborg, Unassigned)


This is a follow up to bug 592909.  These are the exact changes that we need complete before moving the patch from UX over to nightly:

1) Button activates as soon as the field is focused, or as soon as the engine selection changes
2) Minimum button size is as wide as google (for instance bing isn't a smaller hit target even though it has fewer characters in its name)
3) Colors determined by Stephen over in bug 634140

Once we have those three things I'm ready for us to move this patch over to nightly.
The patch in bug 592909 hasn't been reviewed yet, so I can just incorporate these changes there if these are requirements for it landing on mozilla-central. Issues 1) and 2) should be easy to fix, but issue 3) may be more complicated if we need to change the search service to deal with different colors for different search providers.
I pulled the colors posted by kev in bug 634140 and overlayed a gradient on top of it:

We should use something neutral instead of green for generic or unspecified search engines.
Wontfixing this since the parent bug 592909 got wontfixed as a result of the new search UI.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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