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[about:permissions] Basic Auth Passwords not taken into Account


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Steps to reproduce:

Went to about:permissions, typed a domain for which I had Basic Auth credentials saved into the 'Search Sites' box.

Actual results:

Under the Store Passwords section, it says '0 passwords are stored for this web site.' and the Manage Passwords... button is disabled.

Expected results:

Should display how many passwords I have, and enable the Manage Passwords... button.

I can clear the 'Search Sites' box (so I am just looking at All Sites) and click on the Manage Passwords... button.  Then search for the domain that I have the saved Basic Auth credentials, and it shows my saved passwords for that domain.
Component: General → Preferences
Confirmed against Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:8.0a1) Gecko/20110807 Firefox/8.0a1 ID:20110807030727

PS. Site Visits do work.
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Summary: about:permissions basic auth 0 passwords are stored for this web site → [about:permissions] Basic Auth Passwords not taken into Account
Version: 8 Branch → Trunk
Assignee: nobody → ffung
Summary of Changes
- Changed last parameter of findLogins from null to "". When it's null, it won't match anything with a login scheme (e.g. Mozilla LDAP) where as "" will freely match against anything.
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Attachment #560474 - Flags: review?(margaret.leibovic) → review?(dolske)
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findLogins should ignore httpScheme

This makes sense to me, but Dolske would better understand the implications of this change, since he's more familiar with the login manager code.

I also think you should leave that comment in there, since it still won't find logins that could be stored with different URIs from that host.
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findLogins should ignore httpScheme

Seems fine to me.
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Keywords: checkin-needed
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