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Bring back a way to overlay the right panel in Library window


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Bug 588027 removed <deck id="contentDeck">. That made impossible to replace the right panel in places.xul (at least without ugly workarounds).

As an example, this is the overlay that I'm using in my extension (Firefox 3.6-6.0, broken with Firefox 7):

<deck id="contentDeck">
  <vbox id="my-ext">
Looking at the new DOM structure, the deck is no longer covering all of the area to the right, only the panel at the bottom right. The new deck id is "detailsDeck".

Does your overlay require to replace the Library tree or just the panel on the bottom right? If it's the latter, then you just need to make a few adjustments. If not, then I agree that you need some ugly tricks to make it work, although I'm not sure how it makes sense to replace the whole Library tree given that it is the primary focus of that window.
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My extensions adds an item to the left pane and an entirely new right panel.
With the shift to WebExtensions, altering that UI would need some sort of WebExtension API (if accepted). Closing this as wontfix, if something is still wanted, please discuss with the WebExtension folks / file a bug under web extensions.
Closed: 2 years ago
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