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<menuitem>.label should return .textContent if there's no label content attribute


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This is a followup bug from 617528.
Just in case the <menuitem> element won't become void element (bug 676236 and

For now, we have to use this syntax:
  <menuitem label="Label"></menuitem>

it would be nice to support also:
patch coming...
Assignee: nobody → Jan.Varga
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Is there any reason why we don't want to keep consistency with option.label?
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do you mean the compress whitespace feature ?
Yeah, I was proposing to handle menuitem.label like option.label.
The patch adds some tiny inconsistencies.
(But I don't think we need to add .text to the public menuitem API)
ok, I'll redo it
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patch v2

>+    <menuitem>Item w/ textContent</menuitem>

I put a space before "Item w/ textContent" to improve automatic testing.

>   return rv;
> }
> NS_IMPL_ENUM_ATTR_DEFAULT_VALUE(nsHTMLMenuItemElement, Type, type,

I put back the empty line.
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patch v2

Would be great if you could add still some tests
which make sure that option.label handling stays the same
as menuitem.label.

Something like
var o = document.createElement("option");
var m = document.createElement("menuitem");
is(o.label, m.label, "Should have same labels");
o.textContent = "   ";
is(o.label, m.label, "Should have same labels");
o.textContent = "foo";
isnot(o.label, m.label, "Shouldn't have same labels");
m.textContent = "foo";
is(o.label, m.label, "Should have same labels");
m.label = "bar";
isnot(o.label, m.label, "Shouldn't have same labels");
o.label = "bar";
is(o.label, m.label, "Should have same labels");
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sure, I'll add it
Jan, is this bug fixed?
yes, fixed
Closed: 9 years ago
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Target Milestone: mozilla7 → mozilla8
uhm, this bug is about html <menuitem>, not the xul one
Oops. Undoing that stuff, will try again. :)
I'm confused by this. There's no <menuitem> element in the specification, so where does this come from?
We think that the spec should have menuitem.

If you document this, make sure to mention that spec doesn't have menuitem.
Removing doc-needed; documentation for this will be tracked by bug 676236 instead.
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Blocks: 712871
Flags: in-testsuite+
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