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Individual SeaMonkey components are not properly handled by the Windows 7 taskbar.


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I sorta-stole Bug 515734 to update the jumplist, when I didn't actually realize the real behavior asked for was possible. Since we use bugs to track stuff on an issue-by-issue basis, I need a new bug to track its initial work.

See-Also m-c bug 560846 for the m-c work

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #515734 +++

This is specific to SeaMonkey - where "seamonkey -browser" and "seamonkey -mail" open up, respectively, the browser component and the mail component of the suite.

When I drag these shortcuts to the Windows 7 taskbar, they do not get grouped into the same overall SeaMonkey icon.  Rather, I will get two different icons - one for the browser, one for mail.  This seems reasonable, until I actually go to launch them.  Regardless of which order I launch them in, the now running windows become grouped under the first launched icon.  So, for example, if I launch a browser session then a mail session, the taskbar shows "grouped" icons for the browser.  (Similarly, "grouped" icons for mail if I launch that one  first.)  Which means that I need to click on the browser icon to get to my running mail session, or vice-versa.

It doesn't seem right that it should treat them separately when pinned to the
taskbar - but together (and just latching on to which one was first launched) when actually launched.  Either everything should be grouped together, or the different functions should be treated as individual applications.

I am seeing this in the latest SeaMonkey trunk builds (2.1a1pre off of latest-comm-central-trunk).
Seems a little different for me.  If I launch a mail session from the mail icon on the taskbar, after a few seconds the browser icon is highlighted, and the mail icon no longer highlighted.  Hovering over the browser icon brings the SeaMonkey mail group to the fore, and I can click on one of these to choose which one to bring to focus.

However, once SeaMonkey mail is launched from the mail icon on the taskbar, I cannot open the browser from the browser icon (if I have no browser sessions yet open).  I have to open the browser from within the SeaMonkey mail menu or by pressing Ctrl+1 (not an intuitive shortcut IMO).

It doesn't seem right that I cannot choose to open a browser session from the browser icon once a mail session is started.
Just noticed that with no SeaMonkey sessions open (mail or browser), if I click on the browser icon, both the browser and mail open in two separate windows.
I just tried the latest SeaMonkey build (8/11).  It looks like with bug 515734 checked in, things are working as I'd like - with one exception.

1. Create a shortcut to Explorer.  In Target, give the command line "C:\dir1".  It will open up an Explorer window for that directory.  Pin it to the taskbar.

2. Repeat 1, but with a different directory.  Pin it to the taskbar.

Result: Two different taskbar entries to Explorer, each opening up a different Explorer window.  These icons behave independently of each other.  When I click on the first one, it's "activated"; when I click on the second one, it's "activated".  The current state of each has no bearing on the other.

However, with SeaMonkey, if I pin "seamonkey -mail" to the taskbar as a separate entry, alongside an existing SeaMonkey entry with a jumplist - they do not act independently.  Invoking the "seamonkey -mail" specific entry still ends up triggering the original entry.

With the new jumplist I have no need to have multiple taskbar icons - and won't run into this problem any more - but it's still an issue that should be resolved.

see also: Seamonkey (suite) NO option to install individual components only
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