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SpiderMonkey builds have == "integration/mozilla-inbound" instead of just "mozilla-inbound"


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Though they do show while they are pending/running, the SpiderMonkey shell builds don't show on tree=Mozilla-Inbound&usebuildbot=1 when they finish. shows (or more precisely, will show in three to four hours, when Tinderbox catches up) a bunch of "SM(...)" builds, does not.

Tinderbox is a lying liar, don't believe what it tells you about how long they take: typical actual times, not including the lag before Tinderbox reads its mail, are 15-30 minutes, so it can't be a 4+ hours problem. Since they're run off the same sort of not-quite-normal script instead of a more typical buildbot job, it could be the same thing as bug 676879, whatever that actually is.
These builds have a wrong branch set on them: "integration/mozilla-inbound" instead of just "mozilla-inbound".

Compare spidermonkey build:

            "builder_id": 47385, 
            "buildnumber": 21, 
            "endtime": 1313393836, 
            "id": 5967260, 
            "master_id": 33, 
            "properties": {
                "branch": "integration/mozilla-inbound", 
                "buildername": "mozilla-inbound_macosx64-debug_spidermonkey-notracejit", 
                "buildnumber": 21, 
                "master": "", 
                "project": "", 
                "repository": "", 
                "revision": "884efa9dcbf9895c228e46bff9881dc428e124aa", 
                "scheduler": "mozilla-inbound_spidermonkey", 
                "slavename": "moz2-darwin10-slave25"
            "reason": "scheduler", 
            "request_ids": [
            "requesttime": 1313393130, 
            "result": 2, 
            "slave_id": 625, 
            "starttime": 1313393155

with a non-spidermonkey one:

            "builder_id": 37196, 
            "buildnumber": 208, 
            "endtime": 1313400557, 
            "id": 5967720, 
            "master_id": 28, 
            "properties": {
                "basedir": "/home/cltbld/talos-slave/test", 
                "branch": "mozilla-inbound", 
                "build_filename": "firefox-8.0a1.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2", 
                "build_url": "", 
                "builddir": "test", 
                "buildername": "Rev3 Fedora 12x64 mozilla-inbound debug test mochitests-3/5", 
                "buildid": "20110815014245", 
                "buildnumber": 208, 
                "builduid": "1121a01f92274ae78483c38487e05a07", 
                "exedir": "firefox", 
                "exepath": "firefox/firefox-bin", 
                "platform": "linux64", 
                "product": "firefox", 
                "project": "", 
                "purge_actual": "132.12GB", 
                "purge_target": "1.0GB", 
                "repository": "", 
                "revision": "22af0a57b683f4be8a8f128107bb5ccb33db36f4", 
                "scheduler": "tests-mozilla-inbound-fedora64-debug-unittest", 
                "slavebuilddir": "test", 
                "slavename": "talos-r3-fed64-021", 
                "stage_platform": "linux64", 
                "symbols_url": "", 
                "tests_filename": "", 
                "tests_url": "", 
                "toolsdir": "/home/cltbld/talos-slave/test/tools", 
                "who": "sendchange-unittest"
            "reason": "scheduler", 
            "request_ids": [
            "requesttime": 1313399575, 
            "result": 0, 
            "slave_id": 738, 
            "starttime": 1313399589
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Summary: usebuildbot=1 doesn't show completed SpiderMonkey builds → SpiderMonkey builds have == "integration/mozilla-inbound" instead of just "mozilla-inbound"
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Ok, we just need to make sure the branch property is set when the factory is created, rather let buildbot set it based on the source change.
Assignee: nobody → nrthomas
Priority: -- → P2
This should fix up SpiderMonkey, Valgrind and Nanojit, based on a modified which looks for a branch property on each builder. The Nanojit isn't strictly required, because it doesn't have a tbpl setup, but it's developer facing so I've done it for completeness. We don't set a branch on hg bundles, fuzzing, or release builds.
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This adds the variable that the buildbotcustom change needs. We don't actually use it for polling because it's a once-a-day scheduler, and could hardcode the value in custom if you prefer.
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[buildbotcustom] Set branch property on some builders
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This is now in production. Please reopen if there continues to be an issue.
How can I reopen, if it's not closed?
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