Investigate color management test results




8 years ago
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Enabling |gfx.color_management.enablev4| is not sufficient to pass the test here:

We should investigate which missing feature(s) these depend on in case some are unknown. I suspect it could be related to rendering intents.
Blocks: 679875
I was contacted on IRC about this bug by user 'qcmsv4'. The following information is useful for this bug:

"Jabberwocky, the was indeed an error on the wacked profile I've created for the web browser color management test. This was causing some kind of incompatibility with Firefox 8 and 9, causing those browsers to ignore the embedded profile. It's now fixed and I can confirm both Firefox 8 and 9 support ICC v4 profiles."

There's more information posted here:

The test fails on win7 and 10.6 but user 'qcmsv4' reports that it works on XP.
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