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HTTPS indicator is too pale / invisible


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The HTTPS indicator is a very important piece of UI: it tells me that it is OK to proceed typing my PayPal password or that I am in fact looking at my bank's website.

In Firefox 3, this indicator was visible very clearly, and required only a glance to find and read.

In Firefox 4, it became less visible and harder to read.

In Firefox 6, it is almost impossible to spot at a glance. Its background color is completely indistinguishable from the surroundings in some lighting conditions.

Given the importance of this element, I'd like to see its visibility brought back to Firefox 3 levels.
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Agree with comments above - this is important - and will help with knowing that the site has been verified as belonging to the organisation claimed
Firefox 14 succeeds in making this barely visible indicator even more inconspicuous. Why? This indicator is IMPORTANT. It should be EASY to notice AT A GLANCE.

It is especially important to delineate the boundary between the indicator and the URL, but Firefox 14 erases it almost completely.
Check out Input:

"Removing the nice blue bar and replacing it with the small, boring and hard to notice little padlock for https was a bad idea."
    1 hour ago 

"Latest update is not showing certificates(https) highlighted, this was stand out feature compared to other browsers as this make life easier to identify the false sites."
    4 hours ago

"Previous Green Bar and Blue Bar for HTTPS are now indistinguishable from normal HTTP addresses!!!! I want it back."
    1 day ago 

"i am very disappointed because the new version of firefox(14)doesn't show a color for https,so its harder to know whether a site is encrypted or not. [...]"
    1 day ago 

"The new lock icon (HTTPS w/ no EV) in Firefox 14 is harder to see, compared to the blue bar in previous versions. How about highlighting the HTTPS part and/or the lock icon in blue to make it stand out more (on fully encrypted connections)?"
    1 day ago

I have to agree - the UI team for Firefox have created a disaster and they have refused to listen when this was commented when they first announced it.

From having something that was clear they are now using something that is not clear.

EU law from 2014 is likely to insist that all sites for internet financial transactions will have to use an Extended SSL Certificate, and the solid green bar allowed it to be seen.

Another case of designers making a decision without really understanding why the solid color was used!
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